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In the province of Alicante, in the Condado region, Quatretondeta is located. A small town of 169 inhabitants where you will find tranquility, pure air and an environment where the hand of man has not yet destroyed the charm of nature.

In the village you will see: a church, small, personal and intimate; a village bar, “El Casino Canyares”, where they recommend a vermouth of mountain, coffee liqueur or vermouth of carafe, and where the characteristic tapas of the region are also made, such as the capellanets, abisinis, potatoes with anchovies, sangueta, liver, coraeta … to eat a good baked rice or some grilled meats; and the hotel “Los Frailes”, considered a lost paradise and where peace and tranquility are breathed. If you wish to make mountain itineraries, a guide can guide you and, even, you will be accompanied by the Serrella to wonderful places.

The environment of Quatretondeta will enchant you with its landscapes, such as the Fuente de la Viñeta, where we can find cold water and a place to cook grilled meat; and the Red Fountain, a cold and pure water, one of the best you will ever have tasted. We recommend you to go to lunch. In the same source you can cool your drinks. If I continued, you can reach the top and have a wonderful view of one and the other side of Serrella. La Serrella will show you its secrets, “La Peña Átrica, El Huerto de los Frailes, Los Frailes, Cova Foradada”.

In addition there are two microreservas of flora in the shade of La Serrella due to interest in the existing flora. There we can find fragments of the Mediterranean specimens, with strips, maples, yews, mostellares, cormieras, etc. There are also a large number of rock-dwelling plants, such as the rock teucri, the guinea pigs, the ridge bell, the rocker or the king’s crown.

Our History

In my vocation to acquire books with history of our regions, both graphic and literary, I had the opportunity to buy certain books in Madrid that are not for sale in our latitudes.

One of them was the Tome referring to the Province of Alicante, of the “General Geography of the Kingdom of Valencia”, edited by D. Feo Carreras Candy whose volume is written by Figueras Pacheco. It is not dated, but it is deduced that it went on sale around 1915.

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